Home Visits

Individual Post-natal Consultations

An individual consultation in the comfort of your own home will give you the opportunity to receive personal breastfeeding support from a caring professional.

For more information, please contact me.


'Sarah McCann has answered my breastfeeding questions with consideration, utilising up-to-date research and substantial experience. She is my first call and I feel privileged to have met her.' Lucinda

"Any time I rang Sarah I always came off the phone feeling better. She was so reassuring that I was doing the best for my baby despite what all around me were saying, and she gave me the encouragement to keep breastfeeding for 15 months, exactly one month before my second baby was due! Thank you Sarah, your words of wisdom and obvious warmth for other people really helped me." Kirsty

"Sarah combines a warm, friendly manner with a wealth of breastfeeding knowledge- she's been an inspiration to me". Laura, breastfeeding mum

"After discovering I was pregnant with twins I was determined to breast feed a lot longer than I had done with my son. With lots of information and encouragement from family and Sarah I breastfed my twin daughters Emma and Mya. For the first 5 days they fed constantly and by the Monday night I was exhausted and very sore. Thanks to both my mum and the thought of Sarah visiting me the next day I got through the night and with Sarah's expertise and caring words I got through the next 11 months and am very happy and proud to say I am still breastfeeding my girls." Jacqueline

"Being involved with Sarah for the last year and a half has proved a lifeline in many ways. She has proved invaluable support during the often daunting times of caring for a first born. Her great skills lie not only in providing practical advice but in building confidence and finding your own self worth as a mother. Her sympathetic and caring nature have brought light and positivity to many worries and doubts." Diane

"During a really difficult time breastfeeding my daughter I thought I had exhausted all avenues of help, but thankfully Sarah arranged to see me at very short notice. She was welcoming, knowledgable, kind and offered advice and practical help that I hadn't heard before. She looked holistically at the situation, reassured me that "you can do it" and most importantly checked up on us afterwards several times with phone calls. I was touched that when she thought of another tip or bit of advice she would let me know. It was beneficial to just have someone to talk to about it at the time, and she assured me I was always able to get in touch with her. So from almost giving up at 6 weeks we went on breastfeeding for about a year and we did mange to have the cosy, easy, warm feeding relationship that seemed so elusive at the start!" MJC.